Day Porter Services

Day-Porter Services in SE Michigan

Onsite Cleaning During Your Workday

What would be the exact duties of a day porter at your business? While regular janitorial crews work after hours, day porters work among your employees during the day. They're available for scheduled tasks, as well as smaller duties like taking a package to another floor or helping an employee move their workspace. We can perform any job you need that doesn't fall under the roles of your employees.

We are a reliable cleaning service that handles everyday tasks such as:

  • Monitoring and cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning lobbies
  • Cleaning common areas like lunchrooms, cafeterias, decks, and patios
  • Taking out trash
  • Restocking paper supplies and cleaning supplies in restrooms
  • Setting up before and cleaning up after meetings and staff events

You can understand the advantage of having day-porter services on your site throughout the day. We ensure that there is never a time your building looks less than immaculate. With Augies Building Services on the job, no bathrooms will run out of paper products; no trash bins will overflow. During the workday, many smaller tasks can stack up over time and become overwhelming. A Day Porter's job is to function as an extension of your staff and handle the minor stuff so you can take care of business.

Augies is Your Onsite Cleaning Solution 

Since 2007, Augies Building Services has proudly offered day porter services to our clients. To provide you with the most exceptional service possible, we use modern methods and materials that are best for your building’s interior spaces and surfaces.

Augies Building Services provides supplies, equipment, and tools needed to perform our services. Our customers usually provide cleaning supplies that are used in restrooms and lunchrooms; however, if you prefer, we can order and pick them up for you.

To find out more, and get a free quote for a consistently clean building, call Augies Building Services today at (248) 495-4755.