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Business Owners Call Augies for their Pontiac, MI Janitorial Services and More

When you own or manage a business, you make tough decisions every day. One decision that can be easy to make is choosing Augies Building Services for cleaning services.

An important component of a great business is keeping the interior space clean. By paying attention to detail and being committed to cleanliness, you’ll keep your customers comfortable and impressed. Employees also appreciate a clean workplace, raising employee morale and productivity. With our customized cleaning solutions and techniques, we can handle all types of flooring. From low-pile carpets to imported tiles, Augies will keep them looking new.

The groundskeeping services offered by Augies in Pontiac, MI will help you attract businesses looking for well-maintained spaces to lease. Keep your walkways and exterior walls clean with our pressure washing services. Pavement sealing is one of our most popular services for eliminating unsightly cracks and chips in your paths and driveways. Additionally, we can clean your exterior windows on the second floor. Call us today if you are not satisfied with the performance of your current service. We are known for our reliability and our commitment to SHINE.

Call Augies for the Best Janitorial Services in Pontiac, MI

At Augies, our mission is to improve the lives of everyone our company touches through excellence in building maintenance. We have been providing janitorial services in Pontiac, MI and the Detroit area for over 20 years. With our dependable interior and exterior services, you are making a wise choice.

A customized cleaning plan that meets your needs and budget and is easy to schedule will be developed by our janitorial specialists.

Augies Goes Beyond Commercial Cleaning

Our groundskeeping, day porter, supply fulfillment, and facility maintenance services are available as often as you need them. When a workspace is clean and healthy, people perform at their best. That's our motivation to keep yours that way!

We promise to exceed your expectations by continued dedication to SHINE, our core values of excellence. Call us now for a free cleaning consultation. We can’t wait to tell you about the Augies A+ Guarantee!